Thursday, June 27, 2013

Vacation Part II

This part of the vacation summary includes our trip to the Grand Canyon. I'll post the scenic pictures another time. These are just pictures of the family. We drove from Flagstaff to the Grand Canyon on Wednesday. We put the babies in carriers and held Jonah's hand. He was not having that and so our visit was short and full of anxiety for me. There are viewing areas that are safe for the careful adult but nothing is entirely safe for an impulsive 4 year old. It was gorgeous and we look forward to going back one day when the kids are older and going hiking or horseback riding. After the Grand Canyon we drove to Tucson where Matt had his test on Thursday and Friday. He was done by noon both days so on Thursday we went swimming. It was the first time the boys were in a big pool and they really liked it. It was over 100 so the water felt really nice. The next post will include the wedding, our flight home and what we learned on the trip.

He's smiling because he saw a dog.

Jonah, Matt & Elliott

Yes that is Jonah between the railing and fence. If I had any gray hair the trip
would have added more.

Matt & Elliott

Me, Simon & Jonah. Did I mention I forgot to pack any hair styling tools? Not
even a brush.

This is when Matt told Jonah to jump. He should have said hop because Jonah
tried to jump over the Grand Canyon. Good thing Matt had his hand.

After a spectacular scene causing tantrum, Jonah cried that he wanted a picture
of how sad he was feeling.

The boys and Smokey. Jonah was in the car still throwing a fit.



All the swimming wore Simon out.

Elliott finally decided to drink out of a cup to combat dehydration. Since
arriving home he refuses to try.

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