Friday, June 28, 2013

Vacation Part III

Before we left Tucson on Friday we stopped by an Old West themed village. There were rides for the kids and we had planned to eat lunch there as well. Jonah freaked out about having to wear shoes so our visit was very short. He did decide he wanted his picture taken at the end though. We got to the hotel in El Paso late on Friday just in time for Matt and Jonah to hang out with Jacob, Nathan and Braxton for a bit. On Saturday we went to a mall with a play area so Jonah could run around in air conditioning.

That evening our babysitter arrived and brought her sister with her to lend a hand which was good because if you're not used to them they can be a lot handle. We almost missed the wedding ceremony and came in as they were saying their vows because the zipper on my dress would not go up. It wasn't stuck but there was a little hole in the fabric next to the zipper that it would get snagged on. It was a side zip dress and a good 6 inches wouldn't zip. Matt kept asking me if I had another dress to wear. Um, I didn't bring a back up. I didn't have anything to wear over the dress except a white cardigan I had worn on the plane. It looked horrible and I felt stupid for wearing white to a wedding but we didn't have time for anything else. We had a good time anyway. I'm so glad we had a babysitter because we were able to just hang out and chat. All of Jacob's friends were at one table so we got to catch up with everyone we hadn't seen in a while. We got back to the hotel and all the kids were up except Simon who the babysitter was holding. It was like a sauna in there. It wasn't just hot but it was humid. The poor babysitters were fanning themselves and the babies. We immediately called someone to come look at the air conditioning and they determined that not only was it not working but there was water leaking in the ceiling and we had to be moved to another room. The next day Jonah was very excited to tell anyone who would listen that we had busted pipes.

We were able to get a quick visit in with Jacob and his parents before we left for the airport in Albuquerque. I was sitting with the boys while Matt went to get us something to eat and I heard a familiar voice say hi. It was Veronica's husband Jarrod who had finished up his vacation in Vegas and briefly stopped by their new house in Santa Fe before flying back to Seattle to finish his last week of residency. He was so nice and repeatedly offered to help. I told Veronica he must have felt bad for making his wife fly with all three kids by herself to Vegas. The flight wasn't full so Elliott and I had three seats to ourselves. Flying with a double ear infection is no fun and I literally cried during descent. We arrived back at our house just before midnight.

So what did we learn? We won't be going on a big vacation until the kids are older and then we'll be staying in one place. Jonah did not handle the vacation well. A lot of our vacation was miserable because he fought us on everything. We made sure to take pictures of the good times because that is what we'll remember. It also helps that the last two days were great. We had the wedding and then the entire last day Jonah was really good. I don't know why it took him that long to get into the swing of things but it was appreciated.

He looks so angelic doesn't he?

Pictures in the Sonic parking lot.

We promised a silly face picture at the end.
He's so grown up

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