Monday, July 22, 2013

It is about time for a proper post. I had a huge post with everything we've been doing and why we've been busy but it kind of made me depressed to read it. Its easier to say we've been busy with work and not fun things. Weekends don't mean anything around here except we trade off childcare so whoever is working at night can take a nap. Its looking up though because we've dedicated the first weekend in August as a family weekend. Matt even took Friday off so we could go on a trip. The boys and I have mostly been hanging out at home. Jonah has sports camp this week and we're going to meet up with Charlene and her boys before they move in a few days. I'm the last one left. It's going to be a lonely year. I'm toying with the idea of joining the Y mostly because they have free childcare while you workout. Elliott would probably cry the entire time as he is attached at my hip. That is a new experience for me because Jonah could have cared less if I was there and Simon is the same way. I'm trying to purge and get things organized for the move (in 330 days!). The garage has donate, dump and sell piles. We're also getting the house ready to sell. We hired someone that knows what they're doing to handle the weeds and seeding of the lawn because our neighbors spend a lot of time making their front yards look nice and over here I've just been keeping kids alive. Now I need to find someone to trap the moles we have leaving large mounds of dirt in the front yard.

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