Saturday, September 7, 2013

I left off right before we took our weekend trip. I brought my small camera and unfortunately I've misplaced the cord to upload the pictures. In the meantime, here are some cell phone pictures. Excuse the blurriness. I think my phone is complaining about being dropped, slobbered on and submerged.

As you can see, Elliott loves to climb. He senses when the gate has been left open and races up the stairs. He is really good at throwing a ball but also thinks cars are for throwing. It is fitting he said his first word (other than dada and mama) and it was ball. Simon continues to hide surprises for me in cabinets and drawers. Tonight I also found several wipes shoved in a toy. His favorite sign is "eat" but tonight he finally got "more" and was very happy with himself. I've been trying to teach them to wipe their faces after eating but they usually throw the washcloth on the floor and laugh. Simon started wiping his face before throwing it on the floor. Jonah is so bored with me and I can't blame him. We're both excited for school to start next week. He also starts fall soccer in a couple weeks. He is obsessed with a show on PBS called Wild Kratts and pretends to be different animals. Before every meal he questions whether the animal he is pretending to be would eat what I'm making. It has been rainy here and I'm loving that fall is coming. I have yet to have a salted caramel hot chocolate but its coming soon!

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