Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Recap of the past 1 1/2 months

There are many things that deserve their own posts but in the interest of getting caught up I'm going to give a synopsis of the happenings around here since the beginning of August.

The first weekend of August we went on a mini family vacation. We stayed in a hotel and swam in the pool, drove around Mount Rainier National Park and did a little hiking, visited a children's museum and, perhaps the highlight of our trip, we got to visit with Greg, Kathy and their boys for a bit while they were in Washington. I have many pictures from the trip but they're all on my small camera which requires the cord to upload and I've misplaced it.

We renewed our zoo membership. I hadn't planned on doing it because Jonah has never really been interested in looking at the animals and it was hard to keep track of him running around. We went in August to use the membership one last time before it expired and I was amazed at how different it was when we weren't there meeting friends and I let Jonah dictate the pace and what we saw. We really enjoyed it and have been back several times since. We even went to a members only night last week where they had slides, face painting and free carousel rides.

Jonah's birthday was pretty low key. Matt worked the night before so he slept the first part of the day. Once the babies were down for their naps we gave Jonah his present, a bike. He was excited but hasn't figured out how to pedal because we can't get him to stay on for more than a couple minutes before he gets frustrated and proclaims that he hates his bike.

My birthday passed like any other day. I suppose that happens when you're an adult. It was the weekend of the video game convention so Matt was gone all day and it was just me and the kids.

Matt has last week off work to study for his boards in October. I don't think he got much studying done between the doctors and dentists appointments and the fall consignment sale where I worked a shift to increase my earnings. I also worked a couple of days at the hospital. We're missing him this week.

Jonah started preschool last week. This is something I've been meaning to address but will lump it in with everything else now. So we had planned on putting Jonah in kindergarten. Our district doesn't offer pre-k. We knew with an August birthday he would be really young and thought we would just have him repeat kindergarten when we moved next year. In the spring he started having major behavioral problems and it was clear that kindergarten would not be good for him. We had already given notice at his preschool that he would be leaving in May and I knew I was ready for him to leave there. Besides the fact that they're horribly run and to this day owe us thousands for overcharging us (don't get me started), they don't have a structured program and that is very much what Jonah needs. He is now going to preschool at the community center three days a week for 2 1/2 hours. Unfortunately by the time we decided to send him the morning class was full so he is in the afternoon class which is right in the middle of the boys' nap which has led to tired and cranky boys. So far Jonah seems to like it. I think his favorite part is the playground. Yesterday it was raining so they played in the racquetball court. I'm waiting to hear back from the director about switching to the morning class.

The consignment sale was semi-successful. I did a 4 hour volunteer shift increasing my percentage from 65 to 70%. I found a few things at the sale too. I like jeans for the boys because they match everything but I like the kind with knit waistbands. They work well with cloth diapers and I'm still buying them for Jonah because they're the only kind of jeans he'll wear. It gets expensive to buy two of everything so finding two pairs at the sale was a big score. I also found a leapster game for Jonah and new gloves for all three. I actually had boxes of stuff I was going to sell but didn't get them entered in the computer before the deadline. I had planned on doing it the night the system closed but came down with mastitis (again!) so slept instead. I'm still on antibiotics but feeling much better. I've always been fortunate that Matt has been able to take care of the kids when I feel the worst.

The boys are growing and so much fun. They're starting to stand without holding onto anything but haven't done more than a step independently. We now pen them into the living room because I got tired of picking up the contents of my cabinets, the dogs' water bowl, and anything else in their path. Now the mess is contained and I don't have to worry about anyone leaving the gate to the stairs open. Their personalities are so different. Simon only has one volume and that is loud. He laughs when I tell him no but if Matt says anything remotely negative to him he throws himself on the floor and cries. Elliott learned how to give high fives and likes to clap for himself when he is done. They both cry so much more than Jonah did. Part of it is they have to wait for things. One is always crying while I'm nursing the other. They both cry at the gate when I'm preparing meals and cry when they fall down. They fall down a lot. They cry when the other has a toy they want or takes a toy from them. It always reminds me of when we would ask my mom where she was going when she left the house and she would respond "crazy". I get it now, Mom. 

So those are the highlights and it took me four hours and a million interruptions to write them down.
Birthday boy! I know all moms think their kids are adorable
but there is no denying he is one good looking kid.

He wanted cake pops and I didn't want to go to the store to get the candy coating
so I just dipped them in regular icing and sprinkles.

Making his feelings known. I keep trying to tell him its fun to ride a bike.

At the zoo event. Someone stepped in front of me when
he was going down so I only got a picture at the bottom.

Our attempt at a family picture. Jonah was picking his nose
and I was starting to feel crummy from the mastitis.
Do not post this on facebook.

First day of preschool 2013

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Melissa said...

Your twins are not the only ones with tons of crying! My twins are the EXACT same way. My daughter was never like this! But I think it seems worse since there are two so all the crying is in surround sound. Certainly drives me crazy on many days!!