Thursday, October 3, 2013

Cell phone pictures

Matt comes home tonight! We've missed him and have barely survived. We've had a lego up the nose incident and tonight I splashed boiling water in my face. It's a circus around here. I have a few cell phone pictures to share from the last few days. I just realized that Simon is in every picture.

This is Simon very mad because I was nursing Elliott and not him.
Never mind that he had his turn first. He was still trying to pull Elliott off me,
threw all the pillows on the floor and picked up a toy and
hit us with it. He has a temper.

Best buds

High fives, the boys' new favorite trick

We haven't tried crayons yet but this kid loves the magna doodle
and today he got his hands on a pencil and paper

First Christmas present purchase! I've sworn the boys to secrecy
and now I just need to keep Jonah out of my closet.

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