Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Almost Halloween

Cell phone picture time! I'm almost done with Halloween costumes. Tonight will be my last night working on them and we have an entire week left! I'm getting Christmas shopping done too. The Amazon wish list is done and we've been brainstorming to figure out what the boys need other than toys. We're going to attempt to make them a table. Jonah has been doing his homework at the dining room table and it doesn't work that well. He has to get up on his knees to reach the tabletop and I'm always finding crayon and pencil marks on my nice, new white table. We already have the chairs so we have just over two months to get the table done. It should be interesting.

Matt got home early enough to take a walk with us the other night. We took Jo with us because she has gained a lot of weight and needs to get more exercise. This is Matt carrying her home because she got tired. Meanwhile, Caleb and his svelte self was at home enjoying a bone.

I hate those carts but the boys sure do enjoy them.

Simon trying on Elliott's costume. Elliott didn't like it but Simon was so happy to wear it. He's holding his arms out like he's flying.

Jonah had a photo shoot this morning including props.

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