Saturday, October 5, 2013


Jonah is in his third session of soccer. He told me he wanted to play so we signed him up and he has complained about going every week. It has been good practice for listening and following direction. Every week we talk about what to work on for the next week and we've definitely seen improvement. This week we talked about not touching the flags on the field and staying on the field (aka don't run off to pet a dog). He accomplished both and we couldn't be prouder. He may not have been on task most of the time but he started the drills strong. Next week we talked about not picking up your ball and walking around with it and continuing the drill until the coach says to stop. They don't have team pictures so we took a few before practice.

Is he 5 or 15?

He looks so much like Matt in this picture

Matt says he looks like his dad in this picture

Simon hanging out at soccer. Excuse Elliott's head in the shot

Elliott likes to crawl on me when I'm trying to take pictures

My audience while making dinner

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