Wednesday, November 20, 2013

This the long awaited blog post that will cover the last month. I can't remember what order everything happened in but we'll start with Halloween. Obviously Jonah was Harry Potter and the boys were owls. Jonah's costume was pretty easy. I used a robe pattern but extended the length and made wider sleeves and made it lined. I used the buttonhole attachment on my sewing machine for the first time so I'm pretty happy about that because I had been avoiding doing anything with buttons because it looked hard. The scarf was made by my friend Veronica and she had attached the Gryfindor patch to it but it fell off so I hand sewed it on the robe. Halfway through doing that Matt asked me if it was iron on. I could have saved myself some time if I had realized that it was. The glasses are from Amazon he had from when we watched the movie for the first time. His wand was actually a stick he found at the park over a year ago. It looked so much like a wand that I put it in my car to save it.

Simon and Elliott's costumes were also pretty easy but time consuming. I used felt because it wouldn't need hemmed and its just so easy to work with. I cut what I thought looked like a cape shape out of felt and then sewed on the feathers I had cut out row by row. Cutting the feathers out took a lot of time but I always did it while watching tv or sitting with Matt while he was watching tv. I also added buttons to their capes because I know how to do that now. They wore hats made by Veronica.

It worked out really well because it was cold that night so their "wings" acted like another layer. On Halloween we went to a local shopping center where they had a "trunk or treat" in the parking lot. It was horrible. We waited in line for it to open and then the line moved very slowly as we went from one car to the next. I had the boys in the wagon and had to pull out of the line because it was so crowded. I noticed people just cutting in line wherever they pleased so we left and just walked around the shopping center and looked at everyone's costumes. We saw two other Harry Potter costumes but they didn't have cute owls. Then we drove home and visited the houses on our street with the lights on (few and far between) before heading to the next street over to do a few houses. That took much longer than I thought it would so the rest of the stuff will have to wait. Mat has been on nights for the last few days so I should spend some time with him since he is home tonight. Here are many bad cell phone pictures though.

His hair is so long!

My "helpers" cleaning up after our wind storm. 

We had two tree limbs come down during the storm. The first fell on our cars and the second shook the house when it fell on the roof. Thankfully there was no damage and Matt did not die when he went on the roof to get it down.

Jonah got his first dental x-rays! He did really well and they got perfect pictures. He had no cavities which is great. The dentist said 50% of 5 year olds have a cavity. 

Imagine this is a video and he is banging on the door and pulling on the handle yelling "Daddy" over and over. Yes, Elliott no longer says dada but is a big boy and says daddy.

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