Thursday, November 7, 2013

Here is a barrage of cell phone pictures. I will do a real post soon I promise. I still have to cover Halloween, a parent-teacher conference, pediatrician visit, and general updates.

Jonah working at his table. I'm looking forward to Christmas where the boys will get a new table and chairs. Chairs are in the garage and the lumber for the table is too. Now to find the courage/skill to build it...

Matt got a new winter coat. He's ready for the Midwest!

The plane is used as a step stool

I'm not sure why I have this picture. He requests his picture be taken at least once a day.

This is why Elliott is always strapped in his high chair.

The little boys got to play with a Christmas present while Jonah was at preschool. It is now hidden in the closet. Because it was used some of the pieces were missing so I need to find a little dog to live in the firehouse. I'm pretty sure that will be Jonah's favorite part.

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