Monday, December 2, 2013

The Highlights

In the interest of catching up and not writing a novel, here are the highlights from November to now.

At their 15 month peds visit the boys weighed over 22 lbs. There were 3 oz between them with Simon remaining heavier and Elliott remaining taller.

The boys are officially done breastfeeding. Initially Simon would pull at my shirt but not really cry. That only lasted a couple days. I was a little sad but it has made things easier. After Jonah self-weaned at around 14 months I thought I would nurse my second until 2 but having twins changed that. It was hard and a ton of work.

After switching over completely to cow's milk the boys were having diarrhea and Elliott was spitting up which made us wonder about lactose intolerance. To figure out if it was just the colds they had causing problems or the milk the doctor had us stop milk for two weeks. We started it again last week. They also got colds again last week. Simon has been fine so I've been giving it to him. Elliott threw up the day he drank milk so I've stopped giving it to him and he's been drinking the last of the frozen breastmilk until he is over his cold and we'll try again.

I had a meeting with Jonah's teachers to see how he was doing. They said he has trouble following multi-step directions, is easily distracted and has trouble staying on task. They also said he has a great imagination and an advanced vocabulary. There wasn't anything that I was surprised to hear but it was reassurance that he was in the right place. I hope his kindergarten teacher next year has as much patience for him as his teachers this year do.

Back in October the little boys had their first trip to the dentist (I can't remember if I blogged about it). Heather was here and was able to hold one and I held one. It was just a quick look but mostly it's a chance for the dentist to make sure you're not giving the kids juice and crackers. Jonah went a couple of weeks later and got his first xrays. He did a great job and was cavity free. His back teeth are touching now so we started flossing.

We had our first babysitter that wasn't a friend, family or coworker. A girl at work had luck with so I found someone local (with a background check, CPR and vaccinated cause I'm crazy) that does babysitting part-time when she's not doing photography. She was great and the kids loved her. I was worried about Elliott as he tends to cling to me but as I was trying to sneak out I peaked my head around the corner he saw me, waved and then went back to playing. It is a huge relief to have someone the kids know and I now know in case we need it.

We had family pictures taken last weekend. Simon and Elliott wouldn't let us put them down so I'm disappointed we didn't get any of the three boys together but at least we have pictures of the entire family. Jonah did a stellar job and we got a great picture of him. He was being serious so the photographer had us make funny faces behind her and told him not to laugh. He stayed sober until finally he said "I can't do this anymore." He was literally trying not to laugh.

I worked the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving so I slept for a few hours then we had lunch. I had made a pie, mashed potatoes and rolls the day before and had an oven schedule written down for Matt to follow. One of us has worked every Thanksgiving for the last 5 years but we always try to have a special meal. Let's hope next year we can spend the day with extended family. After eating we put up the tree and the outside lights.

And...the big news...the boys are walking! Elliott started first about two weeks ago taking more and more steps. In the last few days he is walking everywhere and rarely crawls. Simon has always tried but would fall easily. Now he's walking about 50% of the time. They're entering my favorite age where they're starting to communicate and are so fun.

Simon had another breakthrough in the last couple of weeks in regards to sleeping. Since they started sleeping in their cribs at 7 months he would scream as soon as he realized we were putting him down. Gradually he would cry less and less and had gotten to the point where he cried for less than 5 minutes but still threw a fit every time. Now he is happy to lie down and be covered with a blanket and give his lovey a hug. He is a big hugger. I love it! If I ask him for one he'll give me one or just randomly he'll come up to me and give me one. Today he leaned over and gave Elliott one while they were riding in the shopping cart at the grocery store. Elliott's preferred method of affection is big wet open mouth kisses right on your mouth.

We are doing Elf on the Shelf this year. Jonah seems very skeptical but doesn't want to take a chance that the elf is actually reporting to Santa Claus. I'm pretty sure this will be his last year for Santa Claus. He is already asking questions. So far our elf, which Jonah named Elfy, hasn't done anything spectacular. It has only been two days and both days I was in bed before I remembered I needed to move him (because he visits the North Pole at night and comes back to your house and sits in a different place). On the first day he was hanging from the chandelier and today he is sitting on a reindeer. I think tomorrow he'll make mini pancakes for breakfast and sit on the counter. The rule is you can't touch him or he'll go back to the North Pole but it's hard to put him places where Jonah will not be tempted.

Matt has been in Chicago at a conference since Saturday and will come home tomorrow. I'm so used to him being at work that it doesn't feel any different than normal except I've been watching a lot of cheesy made for tv Christmas movies after the kids go to bed.

All caught up! We're officially moving in <200 2="" 3="" amount="" and="" be="" can="" caring="" children="" cleaning="" days.="" dogs.="" doing="" even="" fathom="" for="" going="" i="" in="" m="" midst="" of="" packing="" painting="" t="" the="" to="" yikes.="">

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