Sunday, January 19, 2014


I didn't intend to go so long without posting but a combination of the holidays, visitors, Matt taking the laptop to work and my neglectfulness in taking pictures mean we have some catching up to do. We cut back on the holiday activities this year so we didn't do the holiday Ride the Ducks or Christmas parade.  Matt's residency chartered a bus to a Bavarian village in the mountains and rather than risk driving in the snow ourselves we rode the bus. I worked the night before and met Matt and the boys at the bus. It was a pretty miserable day. Simon and Elliott had diarrhea, it was freezing and very crowded with no where to warm up or change diapers. Thankfully there is a wonderful guy who Jonah adores and he took him to the tree lighting while Matt and I got the babies warm and changed (in a wine bar). We also took the kids to see Santa. We had our first and only snow and Jonah's preschool was cancelled. Unfortunately it was the day of his holiday program and they are not going to reschedule. We've attempted on multiple occasions to record him doing a song but he gets shy. Christmas itself was low key with us just hanging out in our pajamas. We told Jonah to wake us up before he went downstairs but he didn't so we didn't get to watch him find the presents under the tree. He was very excited. When we went to see Santa he asked for "a harmonica, books and others toys." When he found a harmonica in his stocking he said the following:

This is the best Christmas ever! (said many times)
Santa brought me more than I asked for...he's so good.
A harmonica! Now I can play my jam!

That was the best part of the day. Simon really liked opening presents. Can you tell in the pictures below which was his favorite? The most used present is their table and chairs. They all like to sit at the table and have snacks. Jonah does his homework there and Simon just spends most of his day sitting at the table. He'll take his pan and spoon and stir or he gets a piece of paper and pencil and works. Unfortunately they've also discovered they can climb on the table and reach light switches. Sometimes I have to take away the chairs because they thinks its a game when I take them off the table.

Matt had vacation the week after Christmas and Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Megan and Dan came to visit. Matt and I were able to go out to dinner and Jonah had a lot of fun. The next week everyone except Matt had some level of sickness. Jonah and Elliott only seemed tired and cranky for a day but Simon and I were sick for days. I spent three days in bed with a fever, body aches, nausea and a cough which meant Matt had to stay home one day and I had to call in for the only two shifts I was scheduled this month. Simon still has a runny nose and congestion.

Today we're hanging out watching football and enjoying our free weekend together. Here are some photos from Christmas morning.

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