Monday, January 27, 2014

Matt has been taking the laptop to work with him so while its home for the night I thought I would do a brief post on how the boys are growing.

He is growing up so fast. Pants that I had to roll up just a few months ago are now almost too short. I can't say he plays well with his brothers all the time but he has grown into the big brother role nicely. He is still obsessed with cats and pretending to be one. Several times a day he wraps himself in a blanket on the floor and tells me he has a present for me. When I unwrap it a kitten or puppy comes out. He spends most of his time building with legos or drawing. He sometimes refers to himself as "Pony Jony." He calls his room "the land of nod" and still sleeps on his floor most nights.

He is the fastest of the twins and still loves to climb everything. He loves the dogs so much but often shows his love by shaking things at them or poking them. He is very much an observer. He watches his brothers play and will smile and laugh but stays back. He eats everything put in front of him and due to his dainty bites is usually pretty neat. His hair is so long I can put it in a ponytail. He likes to play with legos and cars but mostly he likes to take things from Simon and then walk away and discard them. He repeats words and loves to look at books.

I could write a book on Simon. He is a character. He is a rough and tumble guy that likes to wrestle with everyone but he also just randomly wants a hug and to be held. Sometimes he is defiant and when told to stop doing something he'll wrinkle up his face and say no. Most of the time he is very sensitive to being told to stop doing anything and will immediately start crying. He is my little helper and I find myself only asking him to do things because I know he will. Before meals I tell him to find his cup so I can fill it and he'll go track down both his cup and Elliott's and place them on their highchairs. If I tell him its time to get our shoes on he'll go get shoes out of the basket and then sit down for me to put them on. He likes to throw things in the trash and to get diapers. This all amazes me because Jonah was/is nothing like that. He doesn't say anything other than dada, mama, and no but if I ask him a question he shakes his head yes or no. He is an extremely picky eater and most of the time won't even try things before throwing them on the floor or putting them on his brother's tray.

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