Sunday, March 23, 2014

Ack, this blog has been neglected. At work last night several people asked about the boys and guessed they are about 2 years old. When I thought about it they really are almost 2 which I can't believe. The past 2 years have gone by so quickly and the last month has been no exception. In between the normal day to day trying to keep up with things I have been doing projects around the house to get ready to sell. Progress is being made but slowly. Simon and Elliott had their 18 month pediatrician appointment at 19 months. I don't know how much Elliott weighed because they put one boy's stats on both of their papers and this time it was Simon's. So Simon weighed just over 23 lbs (35%). Elliott weighed slightly more I believe. Simon's height was in the 1% and his head circumference was 79%. Elliott was taller and had a smaller head. Elliott makes a lot of noise and will repeat words. Simon mostly grunts, points and shake his head yes or no. He says "please" now as he signs "more". He also says "baby" which I think refers to his blankets or animals. Jonah was Star of the Week at preschool last week. He has been waiting all year for this and I was disappointed there wasn't more hoopla. He decorated a poster about himself and presented it to the class on Monday and that was it. We had planned to take him out to dinner but all three boys came down with colds so in the interest of protecting the public and our sanity we postponed.

Here are some sort of recent pictures. The ones at the park are from February and there is one of Jonah on St. Patrick's Day. We had gone shopping the week before and for the first time he tried on clothes in the dressing room. He is out of toddler sizes and I wasn't sure what size pants to get him so we went to the Gap Outlet. Since he is a big fan of looking at himself in mirrors it was a big hit. There was posing and dancing.

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