Sunday, March 2, 2014

Hello March!

I was making good progress packing and cleaning until we had some nice weather last week so we spent all of our free time taking advantage of it before the rain returned. Jonah has been wearing me down lately. If I only had a quarter of his energy I would be able to accomplish much more. He is up at 6 am or before every morning and is so busy. Even though we discuss and set out quiet activities the night before he still makes huge messes and wakes everyone up. Last week alone he made some artwork with a book of forever stamps, managed to use an entire roll of scotch tape on who knows what, dug into the middle of the coffee cake I had made for breakfast with his hands, spilled oatmeal all over the counter and floor while "eating oats like a horse", and woke his brothers up every morning way before they were ready. I know I'll miss him but I'm beyond ready for his mind to be busy in kindergarten.

Simon had a little virus over the weekend. He was running a fever Saturday night and had a sore bottom from dirty diapers. As I was leaving for work he was just laying on the couch and wouldn't even hold his cup to drink. He was feeling much better this evening. I think we've created a monster though. I told Matt to put a little lemonade in his water to encourage him to drink and now he is requesting it all the time. Since he doesn't talk there is a lot of grunting, gesturing and nodding of the head.

I only have cell phone pictures to share. One day I'll get a new cell phone with a good camera but we're waiting until we move to see if we'll change providers.

Jonah's first lego creation made following the directions all by himself.

This is an example of one of Jonah's morning messes. I'm pretty confident he has hoarding in his future.

Cleaning crayon off the grout on the fireplace. He said it's okay though because he wasn't 5 1/2 when he did it. He was only 5 and it was a long time ago. Like 50 years.

Wearing Daddy's shoes

Busy boys

Enjoying some fish and chips. 

This was before Elliott's haircut. I did have a picture of it in a ponytail but I can't find it.

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