Saturday, April 12, 2014

Um, it's been a long/fast few weeks. The cold that wouldn't end sent Simon to the hospital (via ambulance!) from the pediatrician's office. He had a virus, as did we all, but then developed bacterial pneumonia. He and Elliott also both had double ear infections. Simon was admitted on a Friday and discharged on Sunday. The next Friday he had a fever and was working hard to breath again. Turns out his ear infection was worse so he got different antibiotics and is now feeling much better. Elliott is done with antibiotics but Simon still has a few days left. February and March were pretty crummy around here and seriously derailed preparations to move. Now we're at just under 70 days and I'm feeling panicked. The weather is getting nicer though and we've enjoyed some time outside. Simon screams and throws a fit when he has to come inside. Here are some cell phone pictures! Matt works moonlighting shifts tonight and tomorrow night. I'm officially done with work. I called in for my last shift because I still had a fever so the end was anticlimactic. The plan is to get Jonah settled in school and find a job in Cincinnati.

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