Thursday, May 1, 2014

A month and a half to go

Things have been busy around here. I would love to post a long update on everything the boys are doing including a lot of pictures but nap time is almost over. The house was supposed to go on the market on Monday. I decided that there was no way it was going to happen because I need sleep at some point. I've been trying to coordinate all the cleaners and repair people and I always have the feeling there is something major I'm forgetting about that day. Now the plan is to go on the market the week of the 12th. My sister is coming on Monday to help out for a week.  Its not that Matt doesn't want to help (or at least feel obligated to help) but he is so busy everything falls on me. I have the March of Dimes walk this weekend that I committed to a long time ago and Matt works Saturday and Sunday nights. I do have some good news, I found the cord for my camera so I can upload pictures from our trip to Mt. Rainier. One day...

Here's the link to my March of Dimes page. I fully realize I would be donating to myself very soon.

I promise some grainy cell phone pictures soon.

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