Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Nearing the end

It has been a really busy 7 days. I should probably recap our house situation. We wanted to put it on the market in late April but most of our cabinets had peeling stain. Did you know stain peels? It does if it isn't applied correctly. Since the cabinets were new with the house 4 years ago and solid wood we figured it wouldn't be a big deal to get them fixed. I must have talked to and gotten estimates from at least 6 different painters, salesmen and refacers. One gave me an estimate of $8,000 to paint the cabinets but couldn't get us on the schedule until September. Finally I found a cabinet refacing guy who was not only very knowledgeable but helped me save money. It took 3 weeks but he replaced the cabinet doors that were peeling with ones that match the others. A few days after they were installed we had pictures taken and our house went on the market on Monday. I had asked the realtor not to post it until 5 pm because we had a handyman coming to do some wall, trim and door repair a la the dogs. I got a call at 4:30 for our first showing. We had one showing on Tuesday and then three on Wednesday. We got an offer on Wednesday night and countered on Thursday. We continued to do showings on Thursday and Friday until we received the accepted counteroffer for the full asking price. I was so happy we could stop showing the house and we cancelled the scheduled open house on Saturday. We packed Saturday and Sunday and on Monday we loaded 5 (!!!) u-haul u-boxes (like pods) with our stuff. Now we're camping in an empty house until we leave on Thursday. I picked the dogs up from the kennel after dropping grandma and grandpa off at the airport and then one of them proceeded to vomit all over the living room carpet. I have no carpet cleaner, shampooer or even a vacuum.

Today is Matt's last day of residency. He is using vacation and sick time to round out the month. His graduation dinner was on Saturday. He is going to miss everyone so much. He was honored with the medical student educator award and leadership award. His co-residents pooled their money and bought him and Ipad Air and a little gumby trophy. He was very embarrased by this but it shows his generosity and kindness did not go unnoticed. I may be biased but I don't see any reason why he wouldn't be absolutely beloved.

The plan is to leave Thursday morning after Matt's last grant writing class. We'll spend tomorrow picking up med refills, hopefully some sightseeing and being out of the house for the home inspection. Then we'll be on the road for 5 days, stop in Illinois for a few before heading to Cincinnati. I am incredibly sad to be leaving here and not ready but I would like to fast forward about a month to where we're settled in Ohio and the kids are on normal sleep schedules again.

Here are a few of the pictures the photographer took of the house. They show how our house would look if the children and dogs just stood in one spot and never touched anything + photoshop.

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