Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Preschool graduation

I can't believe June is already here. Jonah had his preschool graduation this morning. They were all so cute in their caps and gowns. They called each kid up and the teacher announced what they wanted to be when they grew up. Over half wanted to be doctors. My favorites where the girl that wanted to be the Incredible Hulk and the one that wanted to be a waitress or a doctor. Jonah wanted to be an engineer which he has been saying for close to a year now so I wasn't surprised. They had cake after the graduation and then we took him to Chuck E Cheese. He had a pretty good day.

We move 2 weeks from tomorrow. YIKES! They came today and installed the new cabinet doors. A photographer will be here on Sunday and we'll officially be on the market Monday. Our laptop broke last week. As in unrepairable motherboard failure. They were able to retrieve all our files so that's wonderful. Matt's phone also broke so we switched providers and got new phones (which I don't know how to work). I leave you with pictures.

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