Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Big News

If you follow me on Instagram or we've seen you in the last month this isn't news but, making it blog official, we're expecting a new addition in February. I'll be out of the first trimester this week which feels really good. I had a miscarriage in February which was hard on all of us. This time around we waited until we had a couple of ultrasounds that looked good before we told Jonah. I've felt crummy and tired but that could be the whole moving across the country while in the first trimester thing. I think some of my energy is returning and I'm looking forward to the weather cooling down and getting outside more. I had been running regularly before the transfer but stopped not wanting to risk it. While I can't lie and say I'm not hoping for a girl we would feel incredibly blessed with a boy too. We already have a boy name picked out and I will be a little sad if I don't get to use it. And here is a picture from today. It is always disappointing when everything is very clear on the screen and then you get the photo and it looks like a blob. The baby was moving around and even flipped during the ultrasound.  Jonah was too interested in his video game and the boys in their cheerios to watch.

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