Friday, September 5, 2014

Busy busy

It would be nice if life would slow down but then again being busy is a nice distraction. Jonah started school last week and getting up at 6 am is killing me. I told Matt today we need to home school so I don't have to get up so early. Also the multiple trips down the 17 steps to the car because the boys won't go down the stairs is no fun. I know the winter is going to be brutal. The really nice thing is that they have drive thru drop off so technically I don't have to get dressed. Next week drive thru pick up starts too so I won't have to get the boys out and walk in to get him. Today the teacher asked if we could set up a meeting. I knew it would happen eventually but I wasn't expecting it after 6 days of school. I met with her and I cried because apparently I have to awkwardly cry in front of an unsuspecting poor soul every week. No really they were tears of relief. Finally someone who had the same concerns and observations I have for two years that other teachers and pediatricians told me were normal boy things he would outgrow. I had already called the ADHD center at Children's last month and had the evaluations ready for the teacher to fill out. Once she turns them in we can go ahead and make appointments.

We're getting to know the hospital well unfortunately. On Jonah's birthday Simon fell and cut his head requiring staples. This week Simon also went to the audiologist. We didn't have any concerns about his hearing but he has a speech evaluation coming up and that is always something they want checked. The audiologist got a big kick out of him because instead of looking to the left or right in the direction of the sound and toy he would always look into the booth because he knew it was the audiologist talking. Here are a ton of pictures from my phone and a few my sister took last weekend of the boys. I'm going to work on catching the blog up on the boys soon.

This park had the cutest little cars. Too bad they were metal and very hot. 
Waiting for brother to get out of school
One of the parks I walked in this week. It was early so very foggy but the gardens were beautiful.
A dear friend sent me this. I love it! If you need Origami Owl I can give you her info.
A rare moment when they weren't fighting.
If I'm ever looking for my oven mitts I know where to find them.
You can tell who runs the show here.
Elliott is a very fast runner and there is Simon sitting on the sidewalk taking his shoe off.
I showed him the last dance in Dirty Dancing. 
They're saying its 100 degress and too hot to be outside
Hooray for weekends! It will all end when I start working again. 
When Simon is throwing a tantrum he likes privacy. He'll go sit on our bed or go upstairs.

With my glasses of coure

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