Saturday, September 20, 2014

Hooray for fall!

The weather has been gorgeous and we've been enjoying it. Matt started a week of nights last night. Its going to be rough. Jonah was up at 2:30 am and 5:30 am this morning. He was busy as usual. He made himself and the dogs some half and half chocolate milk. I'm always afraid to come out of my room in the morning and see what he has been up to. I was so preoccupied with cleaning said chocolate concoction off the kitchen floor and the dog pee off the carpet that I completely forgot Jonah had soccer this morning until Matt came home from work and said something. I'm hoping the weekend gets better from here on out.

We made some major progress with unpacking. Even though we've been here for months now there were at least 10 large boxes that I had shoved in the weird bar room. Now all but one is unpacked and the closets and dressers are almost switched over from summer to winter. They installed new windows on the sun porch this week. They look great and actually open. The boys love playing out there but I think it will be too cold in the winter.

Last weekend I had a girls weekend and next weekend Matt and I are spending in Indianapolis. I'm still waiting on my Ohio nursing license so I can start applying for jobs. I set my camera out and charged the battery so I could take pictures of the boys at the zoo yesterday. I even remembered to put a memory card in the camera. However I did forget to put the newly charged battery back in the camera and so I was left with just my cell phone again. I tried to get pictures of Jonah but he wasn't having it.

Watching the new windows be installed
Scared of the Halloween decorations at Home Depot
Haircut time
Playing doctor
Elliott is a runner and the boys help me capture him.
No pictures, Mom

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Megan Plönk said...

I love the one of Simon and Jonah helping to catch Elliott :) Miss you all! BIG hugs all around!