Monday, October 6, 2014

Chilly weekend full of tractors

We had a fun weekend but it was much colder than we expected. Wasn't it just 80 degrees last week?! It was a relaxing weekend with only one commitment on Saturday and just hanging out the rest of the time. We/I needed that after last week. I had a few bad days where I just wasn't doing well. Friday is the due date for the first baby we lost but this week is already looking like it will be a better one. The boys are a big part of that. Jonah has been playing school with the little boys and it is so cute. This afternoon they had snack time where he shared his lunch leftovers with them. Then they went to library and gym before nap time. That is where it all broke down because the boys were not wanting to lay down.

Simon had his speech therapy evaluation and tested at 18 months for verbal expression (3 years for everything else) but in the last week has shocked me and started talking more and more each day. I'm debating on whether or not to start therapy just so we wouldn't have to go into the clinic and potentially be exposed to germs every week when we would like to avoid Simon getting sick.

Elliott has been cracking himself up lately. He likes to tell me that he has a dirty diaper when he doesn't and then will laugh. Today he even laid down next to the diapers, told me he was dirty and then laughed and laughed when I asked him if he was really stinky.

Matt has his official interview for the IR fellowship on Thursday so please send some prayers his way this week.

Story time! He was so proud to tell his teacher he read to "his boys".
Probably the most often repeated word by the boys is tractor and Elliott's most often repeated phrase is "Papa tractor ride".
A little hot chocolate to warm up
We planted a tree for Benjamin that looks beautiful in Grandma and Grandpa's yard.
So serious!
Grandma gave us a ride!
Matt is supervising while Grandpa and Jonah find worms
Simon wants to go to school NOW!

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