Wednesday, October 1, 2014

While making dinner

Two of three kids are being entertained by the tv and I'm watching my carrots boil and wishing Matt was home. He is on IR (interventional radiology) this week and does his official interview next week for the IR fellowship. I want him to get one of the two spots because I want him to be able to do whatever he wants but at the same time I don't love the call and unpredictability of IR.

We had a weekend away last weekend thanks to grandma babysitting. We went to Indianapolis and had a great time. I loved everything so much I couldn't choose my favorite. We walked along the canal, took a paddleboat down the canal, watched Guardians of the Galaxy at one of those movie theaters that serve you food in your seat (I may never go to a regular movie theater again), had breakfast at Starbucks and went zip lining.

Monday and coming back to reality was tough. So far Jonah has been up at 5 am every morning this week and woken his brothers up. That means come 4 o'clock I have three cranky kids. Jonah's school started sending home readers with the kids this week. Once they master one they give them another. I was shocked when Jonah read the entire thing without help. Matt usually reads with him before bed so I didn't realize how much he had progressed. The best thing is that he seems much more confident in himself.

We're excited for cousin Nate's birthday party this weekend. It's the first we've been able to attend since his first. It's crazy that it's October already. I have yet to start on Halloween costumes but once I get all the supplies they shouldn't take long.

Dinner is almost done so I'll wrap it up. We're enjoying the last of the Plunk garden summer vegetables and having stuffed peppers. I need my own garden next year!

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