Friday, November 14, 2014

October/November recap

I'm sorry it has been so long! Everything has been in a state of flux around here so I have been putting off doing a post. So let's dive in!

Halloween was not so memorable this year. I was sick for the week leading up to it and wasn't feeling up to taking the kids trick or treating by myself in the rain. We rented a movie at redbox, got drumsticks, stuck a bowl of candy on the porch and stayed in for the night. I didn't hear any complaints from the kids. Jonah had already worn his costume for the parade at school and the boys can wear theirs for dress up.

We have adjusted doses of medication for Jonah up and down several times and still are not where we need to be. The dose high enough to make a difference at school means we have an angry and sad heap of a child by the time I pick him up from school. We have an appointment next week and I plan to ask for a smaller dose in the afternoon to be added so maybe we can avoid that. It all just sucks and I wish I had all the answers and knew what to do to help him. He is doing fantastic with reading and is blowing through the readers they send home. He has a great memory and memorizes the poem of the month in the first week. He did not get that gift from me. He learned the Lord's prayer and was very proud of himself.

We got word last week that Matt was not being offered the fellowship. We had a few days of complete panic but after contacting a few places we're confident he'll be able to find a fellowship at another hospital. That means another move in June and more than likely it will be an out of state move. We'll keep you updated when we have more details!

I am still waiting on my nursing license! Illinois still hasn't cashed my check for the license verification they're supposed to send to Ohio. Illinois is one of only a few states that still does it by mail. Everyone else uses a website. So if I get it tomorrow and immediately get hired somewhere, I'll use the license for 7 months before moving.

The little boys are growing and talking more every day. I realize they're very behind on their speech but are making strides. Elliott will repeat everything but has some things he says a lot. He usually says either please or now after a request. Another is "come on, Simon" because Simon is never in a hurry to get anywhere. He counts but only to 2. Everything is 1, 2, 1, 2. Simon has not gone anywhere all week without George, Baby George and Elmo. It is quite the handful. He keeps busy in his kitchen and organizing things. He takes boxes out of recycling and fills them with things like napkins, socks, and dishcloths. A few weeks ago he picked up a hold mail request card at the post office and had been carrying it around all the time so was upset when he found it in the recycling bin. Now I have to try to sneak it away again.

Here are some cell phone pictures. I do have pictures from our trip to the pumpkin patch but I'll save those for another post.

I don't think the photographer realized what she had gotten herself into with these three boys. This was the best group shot.

Weird kids
Simon and his crew
Veronica sent the boys new hats. I think Jonah is sleeping with his.

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